Municipality of Košice

Košice is a visible participant in European culture, awarded the title European Capital of Culture 2013; one of the most successful long-term projects in recent decades. Implementation of activities related to the title has brought progress in culture and creativity and changed the perception of these as the city’s sustainable development drivers. The ECoC project mainly aimed to transform Košice from a post-industrial to a creative city. The ECoC strategies have been fulfilled superbly and opened the way for further development of the city, which is currently successfully implementing the Košice 2020 Creative Economy Master Plan and Košice Culture Strategy 2014-2018.

According to the 2020 Masterplan, the city intended to apply for the UNESCO Creative City title in 2018. Finally, the application was submitted ahead of the planned schedule, in June 2017. Within the framework of a candidacy, the Municipality of Košice has an important representative role and stands for the main supporter of the candidacy.