Starlight – A common Heritage? / online lecture

2020-11-26 online, Facebook
Abel Korinsky and Orhan “aib” Kavrakoğlu collaborate on a project which focuses on tracking satellites and bringing them to the exhibition space.
During their lecture they will give inside info about the technical side of satellites, space waste, problems of light pollution with Starlink satellites, various possibilities of using LEO (Low Earth orbit) satellites, Geo satellites, etc. In addition, they will explain the concept of Kessler’s syndrome – a theoretical scenario, when the high density of satellites in the LEO in the low orbit of the Earth creates new space debris and a higher risk of collisions.
The authors will present examples of how to deal with these topics artistically and transfer scientific observation and discussion to the atmospheric audiovisual installation presented during the Art & Tech Days in 2021.
For more information visit the Facebook event.