Floating Voids

2022-06-22 - 2022-07-07 Galéria Alfa, Kasárne/Kulturpark

Exhibition of multimedia work by the visual collective Nano vjs in cooperation with an external creative team. The Ukrainian duo “WE BAD”, who work in Kyiv, also became a part of this team in the creation process. Floating voids directly refers to the mural of Ukrainian artists “Interesni Kazki” (from Ukrainian “Interesting tales”), which had to leave the public space of Košice. The artwork takes the mural as a model and develops its individual motifs. The multimedia work brings a combination of 2D/3D animation, interactivity, programming and musical composition, creating immersive experiences on the big screen. Viewers are able to connect directly to the work and interact with it through mobile phones. The artwork works with the themes of visual smog, public space, temporality vs. permanence, irony, interpersonal communication and street art. As Interesni Kazki themselves said, it’s about life and evolution.

Authors: Beáta Kolbašovská / Jakub Pišek (Nano vjs), WE BAD, Rozália Škvarková, B.eye, Erik Hric
Partners: Zoidberg projekt s.r.o, Košice 2.0, K13 – Košické kultúrne centrá, Street art communication festival, Hotovo, Creative Industry Košice
Expert consultancy: PaedDr. Mgr. art. Boris Vaitovič

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